The best thing you can do to prevent dental disease is brush your pet’s teeth daily.Dental1

Brushing teeth-

  1. Work with your pets to get them accustomed to having their mouths opened, their lips handled, and their teeth touched. This is easiest to teach when they are young, but pets of any age can learn to enjoy teeth brushing.
  2. Select a tooth brush you are comfortable with. You can use a piece of gauze or soft cloth over your finger, a toothbrush that fits over your finger, or a pet toothbrush. Keep in mind that tooth brushes for people are too firm and the head and angle of the brush do not work well in pets’ mouths.
  3. Purchase pet friendly toothpaste. Enzymatic toothpaste that does not contain large amounts of fluoride is required, since pets do not spit the toothpaste out. We recommend CET toothpaste which comes in a variety of flavors.
  4. Dental2Gently insert the tooth brush with paste into your pet’s mouth. The bristles should be at approximately a 45 degree angle. Gently brush in a circular pattern. Cover anywhere from 2-4 teeth at a time depending on the size of your pet’s mouth. Clean the outer surface of all teeth.