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Please know that there is a lot of information (good and bad) out on the internet.  Please seek sites that are from reputable veterinarians, or universities.

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  • Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and Veterinary Myofacial Release work-  Chiropactioner work done by Dr Page who is certified in Veterinary VOM VMR
    Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a healing technology that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that has fallen out of communication, and re-establishes neuronal communication and thus induces healing.
    VOM is singularly the most simple, effective and safe healing modality in veterinary care to date.

    VOM exists in between veterinary medicine and chiropractic care. It has similarities to some of the chiropractic modalities and functions by restoring function by reducing “subluxations” as is done in chiropractic care. It uses a hand-held device that is used in a popular human chiropractic technique called “Activator Methods” but it is not to be confused with that technique. The differences between VOM and Chiropractic care are significant and distinct. VOM exists in a gray area between both professions (Veterinary and Chiropractic) and benefits from the positive aspects of both, a hybrid, and thus more effective than either by themselves.

    Why is VOM so accurate?
    VOM is so accurate because it finds and reduces all neuronal subluxations. All neuronal subluxations have a pathological reflex demonstrably associated with them.
    A pathological reflex is like a knee jerk response. It is either there or it is not. It is an objective means to determine the presence and reduction of neuronal subluxation. The pathological read is not “partially there”, “kinda there”, or “almost there” adding a factor of subjectivity to interpretation. VOM is a precisely objective science.
  • Chiropractic “Listings”  vs.  VOM “Pathological Reads”
    All chiropractic techniques (veterinary and human) rely on the chiropractic “listing” to determine the presence of a subluxation.
    Through manual palpation a misplaced bone prominence or a taught and tender muscle may be discovered by a competent veterinary chiropractor whose patient is cooperative and relaxed.  This is a listing, an anatomical subluxation sign, and almost always is indicative of a neuronal subluxation syndrome.
    Unfortunately, only 40% of all neuronal subluxations produce palpable anatomical subluxation signs. This means over half of all the animal’s subluxations will be overlooked if anatomical listings are used as a means to discover them.
    The good news is that all neuronal subluxations produce “pathological reads”, and all these reads are obvious and easy to discover and reduce. The goal of an adjustment in an animal is all the vertebral subluxations in that animal are reduced. Subluxation reduction based on anatomical listings will get approximately half of the total neurological subluxations present in the animal.  Subluxation reduction based on pathological reads will get them all, and will verify they have been reduced. Fast, easy, effective.

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