Our Pet’s nutrition is the most important aspect to their lives. A healthy diet gives way to a healthy well being. With the abundance of diets available, it is often difficult to be sure that what you are bringing home to your pet is safe and appropriate. Of course, veterinarian prescribed diets may be the best option for sick pets, however, they are not always the best option for owners, especially in multiple pet households. There are plenty of safe, healthy diets available over the counter but to ensure optimum benefits are received from these over-the-counter diets, be sure to consult with our veterinarians to explore the best options for your pet.

On this page you will see pictures for some of the diets we recommend most for the healthy well being of your pet! These pictures are linked right to that products website, so just click the picture and off you go!

Pet Obesity

This is a topic that can be very difficult for pet owners to fully understand and even more difficult to educate themselves in! In this economy obtaining the appropriate information (that does not have underlying goals to be met) such as suggested feeding amounts, the best protein bases, wholesome ingredients and dietary schedule is a hard task. Pet owners are over looking this topic due to the food distributors/wholesalers who intensify the actual benefits and amounts of food to feed each pet due to their advertising. They also suggest their feeding amounts by giving us as pet owners a broad range wt. table with over estimated amounts of food to feed, however, everyone should know that each animal has their, very own, unique, metabolic ability and should be fed according to their individual needs.

Let us help, as your educated veterinarians, to give you the most up-to-date and accurate sources for information on the importance of keeping your pet lean, no matter what age, and how to achieve this VERY important often overlooked task!

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