Hips & Elbows & SV Stamp
Hip, Elbow & LUW

Green Valley Animal Hospital provides the service of radiographic evaluation of dogs for either OFA or the German SV registry. These evaluations are critical for breeding dogs as well as working dogs.

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) – This registry is available for all dog breeds. Orthopedic evaluation is of hips and elbows only. Preliminary evaluation (non-official rating) available for dogs up to 24 months of age. Official evaluation and rating available once the dog is over 24 months of age. See https://www.ofa.org/ for more information.  OFA does offer other types of evaluations, dentition, CERF for eyes, etc.

SV Registry (Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde) – This Registry is for German Shepherd Dogs only. Available for final evaluation and rating of dogs over 12 months of age. SV provides ratings of hips, elbows, and spine (LUW). See Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) for more information.

For official evaluation you must have a copy of the dog’s registration and or certified pedigree, the registration must be in the dog owners name and current address. Your dog should be microchipped or we can microchip the dog prior to x-rays.

All x-rays are taken under sedation. Sedation of the dog allows for the proper positioning for quality x-rays. The sedatives given are reversible. Your dog must be fasted prior to sedation for their safety. This means no food after 11 pm the evening prior to your appointment. Access to water up until the morning of your appointment is fine. Should your dog have food after 11pm the evening prior to your appointment please call to reschedule.

We will examine your pet prior to sedation to help ensure that it appears healthy enough for sedation. Once X-rays are completed we will review the films with you and give an opinion on prospective ratings. All x-rays are submitted digitally to their respective organization.

OFA – Evaluation form is filled out in clinic and paid for by the pet owner. Evaluation form will be submitted digitally with the x-rays.

SV – Evaluation forms will be filled out depending on which organization you use for submission. USCA members will have their evaluation forms filled out by the USCA office. GSDCA or Non-members using their services will need to obtain the evaluation form in advance and bring them to the office for completion here.  

Owners are then responsible for submitting paperwork and respective organization fees back to their organization. Please note only German Shepherd Dogs with registration papers/pedigree(s) recognized by the SV Office can participate. That means either SV registration papers or a pedigree that was issued in a foreign country by an organization that is a member of the FCI. GVAH will provide the required letter for submission.

*All SV Radiographs are scheduled to be completed by Elaine Segretto. Please ask to speak with her for scheduling and additional questions.

Time spent at clinic for procedure is normally around 2 hours. This allows for examination of the pet, sedation, x-rays and paperwork. Please note we will take as many x-rays as needed to ensure the highest quality of image is obtained for your dog.